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February 12, 2024, TRAG General Meeting



Supportive Art Critique!

Members: Bring 1-2 pieces for a constructive, interactive, and thoughtful review from your peers (work in progress is great).

The presentation will start with a short “How to” on how best to critique another artist’s work in a supportive way. How to critique without being critical. Also, what kind of things do galleries and shows look at when critiquing your work? How do we take this experience of critically thinking about others work to look critically at our own work. Cathy Rowe will present.

We will then have a show-and-tell where anyone that wishes to may show their piece (works-in-progress are great) to get feedback from those present. We will try to limit the time per person to 5-10 minutes each depending on how many people bring in work. Please only bring 2 pieces if the second piece is in some way important to the viewing or explanation of the first piece, such as: the beginning of a series, a shift in style or niche, or a reference to past work.



Feb 12 2024


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Pioneer Community Center
615 5th St, Oregon City, OR 97045


Three Rivers Artist Guild

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