Oregon City Announces the New Art Commission!

Mayor Rachel Lyles Smith with Commissioner Rocky Smith has selected an Art Commission for Oregon City. The official announcement and appointments were presented at the City Commissioner meeting on Thursday evening September 15th. This is an important and exciting step In Oregon City’s focus to bring Arts and Culture to the forefront in Oregon City’s vision for the future.

Trieste Andrews from TRAG was appointed a 3-year position. 8 additional members include representation from 6 local art organizations plus two citizen appointees completing the 9-member commission.

More to come in TRAG’s news as the new Art Commission begins its mission to integrate art and culture into Oregon City.

The following appointees comprise the Oregon City Art Commission:

Emma Lugo 1 year
Mary Andrus 1 year
Josh Planton 1 year (Citizen Rep)
Jenn Woodward 2 year
Selena Jones 2 year
Tammy Jo Wilson 2 year
Karen Buerhig 3 year (Citizen Rep)
Tima Carlson 3 year
Trieste Andrews 3 year

Who said watching paint dry was boring!

Join Oregon City on Saturday, September 25 from 11 am till 4 pm.

Murals are once again allowed in Oregon City. The first project to take place is the restoration of the historic mural “First Trolley” at 705 Main Street above the Don Pepe’s restaurant. The project will take place from September 20th to October 2nd.

On Saturday September 25th there will be a viewing event from 11-4. Tables and chairs will be set up for viewing while you munch on chips and salsa from Don Pepe’s restaurant. Please feel free to order a yummy Mexican dinner to go after the project.

The mural of the “First Trolley” was created by artist Larry Kangas in 1992. The building was originally constructed in 1908 and has held the OK Barber Shop and later a confectionery store. It is one of the few remaining wood frame buildings on Main Street.

The mural is a depiction of one of the first trolleys on Oregon City’s Main Street. The face of the conductor in the front of the trolley is that of businessman Urb Arbour, then owner of the building.

Plans for an Oregon City Arts Center

A potential site is currently being discussed as a possible Art cultural center in Oregon City. TRAG has been invited to join Art in Oregon and the Clackamas County Historical Society to review the possibility of transforming the Stevens Crawford House into an Art Center.

The Stevens Crawford House is one of the largest historical houses open to the public in Oregon City. It sits at the corner of Washington and 6th Street across from the Pioneer Community Center and has unlimited potential for a possible gallery, event space, and artists’ residencies. Although talks are only in the beginning stages, it is an exciting opportunity for Oregon City.

More to come as TRAG explores the possibilities of this space with Art in Oregon and the Clackamas County Historical Society.

Trieste Andrews

Murals Are Back!

With the mural code now near completion, plans for murals are already underway. A restoration of the Trolley above Don Pepe’s restaurant at 705 Main Street will begin on September 20th. TRAG’s own Cathy Rowe is the Lead Artist and Project Manager. Spotters are needed to direct traffic on the sidewalk as Cathy will be using a scissorlift. If you would like to participate in this exciting fun event, contact president@threeriversartistguild.com

A new mural funded by TRAG through the Metro Enhancement grant is planned for next year at White Rabbit Black Ink Coffee Shop on the corner of 99 and Main Street. Lead Artist for this project will be an artist from the Confederated Tribes with help from TRAG Artists. Plans for a theme depicting waterfalls and rivers are currently in discussion stage.

Lynda Orzen, a TRAG member and volunteer for the Friends of the Library, will be hiring TRAG artist Lucas Nickerson to create a mural on the Friends of the Library Building. The building is located 814 7th Street.

Keep your eye out for more updates as murals start to adorn Oregon City once again.

Trieste Andrews

Murals are back in Oregon City!

You can now apply for a permit to paint a mural on your building!We’re very excited that the City Commission has seen how important murals are to the vibrancy and activity in downtown spaces. This week they approved the NEW mural code! You can start applying for those permits now! 

It’s taken several years to see this happen and DOCA is very grateful to the City staff and Commission and especially the Three Rivers Artist Guild for helping us make this a possibility. If you are interested in painting a mural on your building and would like to start the process, we’d be happy to help. 

More information and the application information is coming shortly, but we wanted to share with you right away so you can start getting your creativity working!

Applications Open for the New Oregon City Art Commission!

The City of Oregon City is currently recruiting for 9 openings on the Oregon City Arts Commission. This is an exciting opportunity to support community beatification, contribute to place making and support livability through the proliferation of public art throughout Oregon City. If you or someone you know are interested in serving on this Commission, please submit a completed application via the link below! Applications will be accepted through August 9, 2021.


Murals to Oregon City Coming Soon!

The mural code is on its final stages of being accepted by the City of Oregon City. After a year of hard work by Laura Terway Oregon City Community Development Director, Matthew Weintraub Toursim Specialist, the Oregon City Commissioners Board, and with the help of TRAG, the code is in its final stages of acceptance.

TRAG has already applied and received a grant through the Metro Enhancement Grant for two mural projects A restoration of the mural at Don Pepe’s of the Street car Trolley on Main Street will begin in September, and a new mural at the corner of 99 and Main Street at the White Rabbit Black Ink Coffee shop is in the planning stages.

Thank you Cathy Rowe from the the Three Rivers Artist Guild for all your hard work in helping to prepare the grant application. We are excited to have the funding available as soon as the mural code is in place. Keep your eye out for updates as we prepare for these two exciting mural projects.

Festival of Wreaths Open Now

The Rotary Club of Oregon City and the Three Rivers Artist Guild invite you to enjoy the holidays and support the community with the purchase of an everlasting, artistically designed wreath created

The “Festival of Wreaths” online auction kicks off November 10, 2020 at 2 p.m

Your purchase helps the Rotary Club of Oregon City Foundation local efforts to:

  • support childhood literacy,
  • provide for food insecure students, 
  • provide showers for homeless,
  • … and more

Items may be viewed without signing up, however to start bidding you will need to register at our online Auction Site.

From your desktop click here
From your mobile device, click here

Bidding closes at 5 pm Sunday, November 22nd.

Wreaths will be available for pick-up at a convenient Oregon City location      
beginning Monday, November 23rd.

Visit www.oregoncityrotary.org for more information and links to the auction site.
Questions?  Reply to this email and we can help.

Comprehensive plan listening session for artists

The City of Oregon City is currently updating its Comprehensive Plan. The plan, although not legally binding sets out the future goals as developed with input from community members. Although this sounds quite dull and boring, it gives the community an opportunity to let the city know what kind of future we want. Currently there is no mention of Arts and Culture in the current Comp plan. There are references to the Heritage community and Tourism.

This is our opportunity to let our voices be heard by the city. Many groups are conducting “listening sessions” through video conferencing. I have offered to host a session for TRAG artists.  Now is the time for artists and their contributions to the vitality and culture of our community be known and brought into the planning of our future Oregon City. Please join me on Wednesday, October 28, probably early evening for a listening session. Contact Lynda Orzen, orzep@comcast.net to join the conversation. If you are unable to participate, please send your comments to Lynda. Time and contact information will be sent out later.

Statements of Principle

Oregon City’s Comprehensive Plan is founded on a number of principles, which shape the City Commission’s vision for the future growth and development of the city. The principles help determine the scope of issues, concerns, and actions that will guide development, and are reflected in the plan’s goals and policies. Statements of these principles, listed below, are not legally binding. They are instead intended to help citizens understand the kind of city this plan will help to achieve.

Promote sustainability and sustainable development.
Contain urban development.
Promote redevelopment.
Protect natural resources.
Foster economic vitality.
Provide efficient and cost-effective services.
Ensure a sense of history and place.

Support Murals in Oregon City

It has come to TRAG’s attention that there is no code in place to allow for the installation of murals in Oregon City. Although they were allowed in the past, the code has since been changed to coincide with the rules and regulations of signs. As a result, because the allowable sign dimensions are so restrictive, a large mural is no longer permitted.

We believe it is in the best interest of Oregon City to revise the current code, and once again allow murals to be installed. The aesthetics of murals within a City can greatly enhance a City’s character. Moreover, they can create an atmosphere that is conducive to tourism and commerce – and ultimately a thriving economy. Silverton, Estacada, and The Dalles are all relatively smaller towns. However, they are famous for their murals. As a result, they use these beautiful artistic creations in their marketing and advertising to build a stronger economy for their merchants.

We are asking for your support to change the code and once again allow murals in Oregon City. We want to make it clear that we are NOT asking for financial support. There are a multitude of grants available to fund this kind of project once they are permitted. What we do need from you is your voice and patronage. If you would like to support this exciting initiative, you can fill out the short form below that follows a letter of support.

The letters will be collected by TRAG and submitted to the City Commissioners to show our community’s support for murals in Oregon City. We will then follow up at a City Commission meeting with a short presentation and hopefully a vote of confidence to start the code change. There is strength in numbers and being able to voice our vision of a more beautiful Oregon City to those in charge can bring it to fruition.

Art changes who we are as human beings. It can transform a life, a community, a culture. Let’s work together to bring back the allowance of murals in Oregon City.


Trieste Andrews,
Three Rivers Artist Guild

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