Moving Towards an Arts and Culture Center in Oregon City

By Cathy Rowe, TRAG Co-Vice-President

There has recently been some movement towards getting an Arts and Culture Center in Oregon City. A small group of arts and community leaders has come up with a business and financing plan to work towards making this dream a reality.

The property that the group is currently hoping to secure is the Eastham School. This plan is in the very beginning exploratory stages, but has a lot of promise.

If for some reason the Eastham school location is not optimal or possible, the majority of this plan could be easily adapted to an alternative location.

This is all very exciting, but please keep in mind that a project like this usually takes 3-5 years in the best circumstances. Thank you everyone for your optimism and patience.


Oregon City Cultural Art Center Business Plan
Preliminary Business PlanĀ forĀ Oregon City Community Cultural Arts Center