Nebbiolo Wine Bar looking for Art for Temporary Display

Nebbiolo Wine Bar and Restaurant is looking for art to fill its walls on a temporary rotation basis. This exhibit opportunity is being organized by the TRAG partners in art program. Nebbiolo has room for 2-5 large (30 x 40 or larger) pieces, about 4 medium sized (about 18 x 24), and 8-12 smaller pieces. All chosen artworks would be on display for 4 months. The artist(s) can display them as “for sale” with prices, but must handle any sales themselves. Interested artists should submit 3-5 images of available artworks along with a short introduction and artwork description via email to Yvette Kirwin at by March 1. Artwork installation will be on March 7 from 10-12 (Yvette is willing to move the date/time slightly if needed). Yvette would love to work with the artist(s) to promote their work with a reception/wine tasting.

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