Reflections of the Falls

By Lynda Orzen

On Saturday, October 29, Indigenous artist, Brian Krehbiel of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde, signed the mural “Reflections of the Falls”. It tells the story of how Coyote and Meadowlark created the Willamette Falls. The mural is an interactive piece that can allow the viewer to be a part of the mural. The artist is supplying a canoe paddle so someone can go into the bookstore and look like they are paddling the canoe through the window.

Brian and several family members sang a song in remembrance of the Willamette Falls and how the falls has been an integral part of the Indigenous peoples of the Willamette Valley for thousands of years. The mural is located on the White Rabbit bookstore on the corner of Main Street and 99E.

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