Kudos Korner – Holly Kroenig

There are some people that are sincerely sweet by nature. Their concern for others and kind words are never put on. When they ask, “How are you?” They genuinely want to know – and they have big enough shoulders to help carry your burden if that is the case. Holly Kroenig is one such person and we are blessed to have her not only as a member of the Guild, but one of our Gallery Managers.

Holly is actually one of our longest standing members. She joined TRAG in 2003, and immediately took the responsibility of hanging art in the Gallery for each rotation – and she has never stopped. From TRAG’s days at the old Friends of the Library store to the gallery at Singer Hill, Holly’s impeccable Artist’s eye displays our members’ artwork with flair and elegance. Colors are coordinated to best please the eye of the customer, and you will often see Holly tirelessly arranging and rearranging the pieces for the perfect presentation. Holly is renowned for her skill at Gallery coordination not just for TRAG but for our Community. She also runs the Art Pavilion at the Clackamas County Fair each year, and helps hang the art for the Charbonneau Art Festival.

Holly Kroenig is an award-winning artist in her own right. She regularly presents at her local gallery in Arizona, the Charbonneau Art show, and always at the TRAG Gallery. Her larger pieces of a locomotive train and a roaring lion were quickly sold when she first presented them, and customers often come into the Gallery specifically asking for her artwork. You can find more of Holly’s work at Fine Art America https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/holly-kroening/shop and Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/HollyJKFineArt. Holly is one of our most successful artists with the Guild, and we are so grateful and fortunate to have her. Next time you see Holly – thank her for her service. TRAG would not be what we are today without her.

Trieste Andrews, President
Susan Woodworth, Three Rivers Gallery & Gifts Manager

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